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Sitting cat
Chat Assis is one of the most popular members of Lalique's celebrated menagerie. h. 21 cm/h. 8 in. Shown with Chat Couché, on right, item number 4656. (LA11603)
EUR 990.00  ($1,063.64)
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Two fishes
Deux Poissons--one of the most popular René Lalique decorative crystal pieces. h. 29 cm/h. 11.5 in (LA11622)
EUR 3,500.00  ($3,760.35)
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Zeila panther
The mystery of the savannah is one of the themes dear to Lalique. Animals from the French design house's famous menagerie include the rhinoceros Toba, a family of lions, elephants and zebra which gallop across vases and lamps, and the panther Zeila. Armando Poggi has theme all in stock. h. 11 x l. 36.5 cm/h. 4.5 x l. 14.5 in (LA11652)
EUR 1,490.00  ($1,600.83)
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Dancer with arms up
Lalique's famous Danseuse bras levés in satin-finished crystal. h. 23 cm/h. 9.5 in (LA11908)
EUR 1,200.00  ($1,289.26)
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A serene and evocative Virgin Mary statue from the Lalique workshops. h. 26 cm/ h. 10 in (LA12019)
EUR 690.00  ($741.33)
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Oceania 1185800
According to legend, starfish are the reflections of heavenly stars, imprisoned within the waves. Sparkling brilliantly, this paperweight has retained that shimmering quality of its celestial cousins.
Available in clear, amber and green.

Please write the color of your choice in the Special Instructions section when you order this product.

Height: 1.29 inches - cm.3,3
Width: 3.74 inches ­­­- cm. 9,5 (1185800)
EUR 250.00  ($268.60)
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Butterfly 1217500
With wings as delicate as flower petals, the butterfly's beauty rivals the beauty of the flowers she consumes.
Available in clear, blue, gold, violet, pink and green.

Please write the color of your choice in the Special Instructions section when you order this product.

Height: 3.15 inches ­­­- cm.8
Width: 3.58 inches ­­­- cm.9
Depth: 1.34 inches ­­­- cm. 3,4 (1217500)
EUR 150.00  ($161.16)
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Grooming Cat 1218700
Height: 4.8 inches ­­­- cm. 12,3 (1218700)
EUR 790.00  ($848.76)
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Pompons Vase 1259400
The wind blows the stems in a circular motion to create a magical bouquet of button roses.

Height: 14.2 inches ­­­- cm.36
Diameter: 7.2 inches ­­­- cm. 18,3 (1259400)
EUR 1,900.00  ($2,041.33)
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Bagatelle vase
This small, signed Lalique vase depicts numerous birds In floral arbors. h. 17 cm/7 in (LA12219)
EUR 790.00  ($848.76)
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Nogent bowl
This signature Lalique crystal compote bowl is supported by three frosted birds. h. 8 x d. 14 cm/h. 3.5 x d. 5.5 in. Etched Lalique France. (LA11051)
EUR 570.00  ($612.40)
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Champ-Elysées bowl
Champs-Elysées monumental crystal jardiniere with upturned leaf form with a partially polished, lyrically irregular rim. h. 19 x w. 19 x l. 46cm/h. 7.5 x w. 7.5 xl. 18 in (LA11216)
EUR 2,500.00  ($2,685.96)
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Bacchantes vase
Classic René Lalique vase designed in the 1920s showing a carved field of female nudes. h. 24 cm/h. 9.5 in (LA12200)
EUR 3,600.00  ($3,867.79)
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Timora elephant cub
Lalique's Timora elephant cub in satin-finished crystal. Armando Poggi has the other members of this famous elephant family--Java, Sumatra, Timori, and Timore. h. 8 cm/h. 3 in (LA11792)
EUR 290.00  ($311.57)
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Pinsons bowl
Lalique Pinsons bowl, decorated with finches in tree foliage. The mid-section is frosted, the rim and foot clear. Acid-stamped. h. 9 x d. 23 cm/h. 3.5 x d. 9 in (LA11016)
EUR 650.00  ($698.35)
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graphics/Fantasia vase.jpg
Fantasia vase 1262600
Shrouded in mist, four Venus with braids of pearls, emerge from the mist.

Height: 6.96 inches ­­­- cm 17.7
Diameter: 4.64 inches ­­­- cm 11.8 (1262600)
EUR 690.00  ($741.33)
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Nymphae Budvase 1262700
A twirling dance of goddesses and nymphs, bearing dew drop crowns, adorn this small vase.

Height: 5.51 inches ­­­- cm 14
Diameter: 2.92 inches ­­­- cm 7.6 (1262700)
EUR 190.00  ($204.13)
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graphics/requin blanc-white shark.jpg
White Shark figure 14014000
Height: 6.53 inches ­­­- cm 16.6
Width: 9.83 inches ­­­- cm 25
Lenght: 17.11 inches ­­­- cm 43.5 (14014000)
EUR 3,200.00  ($3,438.03)
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